The Status of Free Movement of People in Africa

The African Development Bank in collaboration with the African Union Commission and the World Economic Forum has launched the second edition of the Africa Visa Openness Index.

The Index analyses the visa regime in Africa and how open countries are in terms of relaxation or elimination of visa requirements for citizens from other African countries traveling to their countries. The report examines which countries are facilitating travel for citizens of other countries and whether they allow people to travel to their country without a visa, with the provision of visa-on-arrival or whether  visitors need to get a visa before travel.

A pdf vision of the report is attached and can be downloaded from

For more information, visit the website of the Visa Openness Index

Letter from the Mayor of Toronto

It is my esteemed pleasure to extend greetings and a warm welcome to everyone attending the African Unity 6th Region Canada’s African Union Flag Raising.

Toronto is one of the world’s most multicultural cities and home to people from all over the world. Events such as these celebrate the rich cultures and traditions that make our city so unique.

On behalf of Toronto City Council, please accept my best wishes for a memorable event and continued success.

Yours truly,

John Tory

Mayor, City of Toronto

Letter from the President of Ontario Black History Society

I am delighted to bring greetings for this auspicious event today.

At the OBHS, it is our mission to preserve, and promote Black History in Canada. We educate the public about its significance in shaping today’s society. Black history is Canadian history, black history is international history. With that mandate at the core of all the work we do, it is an honour to celebrate the 54th Flag Raising for Global Africa Day . This day pays homage to Africans in the diaspora who have contributed to the upliftment of people . We also reflect upon African unity emphasizing strength in numbers.

I’d like to extend congratulations to the committed women and men who dedicated so much time and energy to organizing this day. Thank you African Unity Sixth Region

The OBHS is proud to stand beside you in the effort of keeping our black history well-known, and respected.

Thank You and God bless.

Nikki Clarke

President, Ontario Black History Society

Letter from the Ambassador of the Republic of Zimbabwe

Warmest greetings on behalf of the Diplomatic corps in Canada to all the guests attending this flag raising ceremony, but more specifically to the people of African descent on this the 54th anniversary of Africa Day and the 5th Anniversary of the 6th Region Declaration. We are also reminded that this year is the 3rd year of the decade of people of African descent as declared by United Nations.

I wish to acknowledge the positive work the African Union 6th Region (AU6RC), is doing in promoting the unity of the African diaspora. It has been propounded that the African diaspora is a vital cog in the economic development of our motherland. It is in this context that I commend the 6th Region in ploughing back home.

This year as declared by the African Union is focused on your youth; “Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through Investment in Youth”. This reminds us that our youths are the leaders of today and tomorrow. As the continent is filled with so many mineral resources we invite and encourage everyone to come together and build “the Africa we want”. The greatness of Africa is the betterment of the whole world.

Wishing you a happy Africa Day celebration.

Florence Zano Chideya

Ambassador of the Republic of Zimbabwe